April 29, 2017


20c, 50c: Two values showing a recent issue featuring typical island scenery

April 24, 2017


45c-$2.50: this conservation set celebrates Eua National Park, and features four images of the Red-breasted Musk Parrot, endemic to Fiji and Tonga.

April 17, 2017


30t: this issue features a hybrid Birdwing Butterfly which is among the rarest and most valuable specimens on earth.  The naturally occurring hybrid occurs when two distinct species, found on Bouganville and Malaita, meet and reproduce.

April 13, 2017


7s: this large format ship issue commemorates the Great Apia Hurricane which struck in March 1889, destroying many ships that were harbored there; the ship pictured here is the USS Nipsic

April 9, 2017


$1: this LEAD Services project shows birds and transport in island coastal scenery

April 2, 2017

Sri Lanka

R25 se-tenant sheet: this colorful set of 12 shows different attractions of Sri Lanka, including mountains, coastal scenery and notable landmarks