June 23, 2012


15c: this WWF issue from 2012 shows the Caribbean or Greater Flamingo, a migratory species which nests on just a few islands, such as Inagua in the Bahamas


40c: this 2006 issue features the history of pirates who hid and plundered passing ships from these islands' inlets and caves


$60: the lighthouse at Lover's Leap is shown here in bright colors, and is located in SW Jamcaica (St. Elizabeth's Parish) near the 1,700 ft. cliffs that gave the place its name

June 15, 2012


10 l: the colorful Flame Basslet is seen on this marine life issue


76fr: a dramatic riverside landscape from the island's southern region is shown on this 1986 issue

June 8, 2012


24fr: the Leopard Coral Grouper is shown on this lovely marine life issue; this species is a local favorite in the W. Pacific region and is prized by fishermen


30c: this 1977 issue celebrates a ministerial gathering, and shows the geographical map of the Fiji Islands, including the largest isles such as Viti Levu, Taveuni and Vanua Levu


35p: the Carpenter Bee is shown on this 2008 insects issue


25p: this issue shows the geographical satellite image of Gibraltar's position at the tip of Spain and just above Morocco

June 5, 2012


80c: the Caribbean Dove, a shy but wide-spread species, is seen on this birds definitive issue

Isle of Man

25p: Harry Potter, Ron Weasley and Hermione Granger are seen on this 2004 issue celebrating the novels of J.K. Rowling

June 1, 2012


30c: this stunning issue celebrates vineyards of the Ilha do Pico, the 2nd largest island of the Azores


$1.15 the Flamboyant or Orchid Tree, is a dramatic site when in flower, lighting up gardens and roadsides in a profusion of red.
55c: this issue celebrates the World Orchid Conference of 1993 and shows and Epiden-drum spp.