September 24, 2010


500 FMG / 100 Ariary: UN 50th Anniv. (1995) celebrating environmental protection of this island's unique flora and fauna. Species pictured include the Ringtail Lemur, one of 33 species of lemurs endemic to the region. Also shown are the Madagascar periwinkle and the Mad. Tortoise.

MAURITIUS / Ile Maurice

R15, R25: The dodo, one of the most emblematic of extinct species on earth, was a flightless rail found only on Mauritius. With few natural defenses, the bird was easy prey for sailors and predators, and the species was hunted to extermination by the 1690's.

September 17, 2010


$1.15 Shell Ginger, from a recent island flora set. This stamp was cancelled at Plymouth, the largest town on this small volcanic island


45c pair: Whaling Ships of the 19th century; the upper stamp also shows a harpoon, while the lower shows a carved whaletooth scrimshaw. Both stamps were postmarked at Moen on the island of Truk.


70c this 1983 Commonwealth issue depicts the HMS Resolution and Adventure of 1724


2p: 1994 block of four endemic Birds, including from upper right the Bleeding Heart Pigeon (Luzon), Koch's Pitta (Luzon), the Palawan Peacock Pheasant and Blue Naped Parrot of Mindoro and Palawan.

September 6, 2010


85 toea: Annato (Bixa orellana) is pictured on the lowest value of a recent flora issue

MAURITIUS / Ile Maurice

R5 Soft Coral: native to Indo-Pacific areas, this species has varying hues and feeds exclusively on phytoplankton.


$2 Banded Leaf Monkey, a subspecies thought to be unique to Central Singapore


85 toea: Gold Mining is pictured on this 2008 issue. PNG's highlands hold a vast store of precious minerals, making mining an important activity on both sides of the island of New Guinea.


70s Teuila Tourism Festival


$1: White Oak Tree sculpted by the wind, also known as cow itch or primrose tree

September 2, 2010


R10: the Scrawled Butter-flyfish, has a wide range in the Indian and Pacific regions in coral-rich areas of clear sea and lagoon reefs.

MAURITIUS / Ile Maurice

R2.50 WWF: The Pink Pigeon, endemic to Mauritius, was reduced to just a dozen individuals in 1991 but has since recovered numbers with an intensive breeding program.