April 24, 2010


5000 rp: Javan Kingfisher and river with aquatic vegetation. Endemic to Indonesia, this species has a very large range across the archipelago, though it is believed to be in decline due to rampant deforestation and habitat conversion on several islands.

COCOS (Keeling) Is.

50c Coral reef and spectacularly-colored fish, probably a wrasse

April 15, 2010


9p: a stunning design showing a Kelp Gull at Sunrise, commemorating the new millenium (2000)


$1 Lord Howe Island: aerial view of this Australian territory, home of an endemic rail species, shown by stylized images in the upper margin of this oversized stamp issue

April 12, 2010


500 fr: the Potto, a curious primate that inhabits the canopies of tropical African forests, never descending to the ground. In anglophone parts of Africa, this animal is known as the "softly-softly," a reference to its habit of moving very cautiously and slowly through the treetops in search of fruit and occasional insects.

April 10, 2010


78c Square-spot Fairy Basslet, from the Reef Fish issue of 1995. This species has a wide distribution from the Ryukyus to New Caledonia and east as far as Samoa in the tropical Pacific


$3 The aptly named Flame Angelfish is found in the Pacific from the Line islands to the Cook Is. and as far as Hawaiian waters. This species breeds well in captivity and is a favority of the aquarium trade. Issued as a high value of the Reef fish set of 1995


T$20: an oversized reproduction of a magnificent historical painting of a peacock in full display, with metallic colors

Sao Tome & Principe

Db 7000 a luminous view of a sailing vessel, probably historical, graces this unmarked stamp issued in 2003

April 1, 2010


75c Tourism issue showing white sandy beaches and palms (2009)