August 25, 2010


R10: This attractive stamps was issued for Christmas 1988, and shows a beach scene and holiday ornament

Zil Elwagne Sesel / SEYCHELLES

R15: the Aldabra Blue Pigeon, from a birds definitive issue of 1983. This is one of three species of blue pigeons, all endemic to the Mascarene islands of the Indian Ocean, with the others found in the Comoros and Mahe/Seychelles.

August 20, 2010


50p Flora: St. Helena Olive, one of the 49 species of endemic flowering plants found only on this remote Atlantic island. This species is extinct in the wild, and is featured on this 2004 issue commemorating the Royal Horticultural Society.


95 sene This colorful stamp shows the flower-studded Teuila Tourism Festival

August 16, 2010


80c The fourth voyage of Columbus (1502-04) is commemorated on this stamp showing a route map and arms. Many Caribbean countries issued stamps in 1992 to commemorate the 500 years anniv. of the landing of Columbus in the New World.


$1.20 Fiery Skipper, from the current definitive series showing insects, moths and butterflies.

August 14, 2010


R3 Seychelles Scops Owl: this species, described in 1880, was so rare by the mid-20th century that it was thought extinct, only to be rediscovered in 1959 in the mountain forest of Mahe. It is now the focus of conservation research efforts.


$5 WWF: Grey Cuscus, a species found only in the Bismarck archipelago, the Moluccas, the Solomon Is. and Timor.


50c WWF The Sand or Tiger Shark is pictured here, a species with a wide range in the Pacific area. Sand sharks are the only shark known to take gulps of air, allowing them to float motionless for long periods in order to hunt prey.

August 5, 2010


$2.50, $3.25: Black-throated Mango and the Tufted Coquette, two species featured in the 2002 hummingbird issue.


100v: Banded Iguana, a diurnal species found only on the island of Efate in Vanuatu, as well as in Fiji and Tonga. This reptile is arboreal, and climbs and leaps in search of food.

August 3, 2010


25 fr: Papaya, an ubiquitous tropical fruit, commonly seen in island gardens near towns (2004 issue)