July 31, 2010


60p this fascinating stamp is one of the only postally used issues I have ever acquired from these far-flung British territories in the Indian Ocean. This one was issued for the millenium, and shows a satellite map of Blenheim Reef.

July 23, 2010


35p American kestrel or Sparrowhawk is pictured here on a rocky cliff. This species is widespread throughout the western hemisphere, and is an agile hunter of small prey. The kestrel nests in cavities in rocky cliffs or precipices.

July 14, 2010


100 fr overprinted on 500 fr: this colorful issue shows Nutmeg fruits and the hard inner seed, and is part of an issue showing aromatic plants


3 fr: The Tsingoni Mosque, a 1998 issue, showing a clear Coconi town cancel. The town of Tsingoni in NW Mayotte, was the former capital, and is the center of Muslim life on the island.

July 10, 2010

Rusinga Is. (Kenya)

5 sh. Rusinga Island lies in Lake Victoria, and was the site of the 1948 Leakey expedition which yielded discovery of a complete skull of Proconsul africanus, a key ancestor of both humans and higher apes, dating 18 million years.


8rp: this 1992 issues shows a mural from Kottimbulwala, in the region of Balangoda. This mural lies in a rock temple cave with three shrine rooms, where the ceilings and walls are covered by paintings. This delicate scene shows plant cultivation and harvesting.

July 4, 2010


50c this issue shows the rugged coast around Bounty Bay and the appropriately named "Hill of Difficulty" that makes this island so inaccessible to ship landings