November 28, 2010

COMOROS / Iles Comores

50fr: this recent issue shows a white-lipped orchid species from this island nation

November 27, 2010

COMOROS / Iles Comores

150fc: This 2002 issue bears the new name of "Union of the Comoros" and shows traditional dress and styles


65c Green Violet Ear: a widespread hummingbird found from Mexico to Bolivia in open country. This stamp was part of a long set issued for the 500th anniv. of Columbus


1.50g: This issue commemorates the 1980 World Conference on Tourism, and shows festival costumes of Haiti

November 23, 2010

POLYNESIA / Polynesie Fr.

100 fr: The Rapa Fruit Dove, pictured here, is an endemic species with a tiny population known only from the isle of Rapa in the Tubai archipelago.

POLYNESIA / Polynesie Fr.

100fr The Tuamotu Kingfisher is pictured here on a 2010 birds issue. This species is critically endangered and inhabits just 1 island (Niau), having been extirpated from other areas of its range.

November 6, 2010


30c Wezin, or sea grape is an evergreen tree featured on the current definitive series of St. Lucia, showing fruits and medicinal plants


20c this lovely stamp from 1979 shows the national flag and symbols of St. Vincent and the Grenadines

November 1, 2010

SEYCHELLES / Zil Elwagne Sesel

R3 The Norden shipwreck of 1862 is pictured on this ghostly issue (1991).