February 28, 2011


50c White-tailed Tropicbirds, one of the maginificent seabird species of the Caribbean islands


70 fr: Island geography, showing profiles of New Caledonia and several other islands of French Polynesia, issued in 1994

February 23, 2011


4.70k: this issue shows a lighthouse perched on the rocky coastal landscape of the Faroes with a map of the islands superimposed


5c this 2006 issue shows a waterfall on the Hanabanilla River, and commemorates the Malaga Expo

February 20, 2011

PAPUA NEW GUINEA (Trobriand Is.)

K6.30 this large format stamp, issued in 2009, shows a traditional dance of women in the Trobriand Islands (also known as Kiriwina Is.), Milne Bay Province

February 17, 2011


15c, 70c Lampides and Parthenos Butterflies, shows with orchids and hibiscus


Pacific art is pictured on this set. 35c shows a carved wooden Maori house post of NZ, and 30c shows a carved ivory pendant from Tonga


P1, P2: Philippine Flycatchers, two species from the native birds definitive set. P1 shows the Narcissus flycatcher, whose wide range extends from Sakhalin to Borneo. P2 shows the Mugimaki flycatcher, a species of Siberia, Eastern and SE Asia.

February 12, 2011


76fr: Hawaiki Nui, or Traditional outrigger canoe racing is depicted on this 1994 issue


90 fr: this colorful 2007 issue shows a variety of surf boards on an island beach


51fr: this issue shows a night-blooming cactus, one of the 19 species of the genus Epiphyllum, originally native to tropical America but now widely cultivated

February 9, 2011


40c This stunning stamp shows a replica of the original HMS Bounty, whose mutineers settled in Pitcairn, a defining event for the island


20l This stamp shows a memorial centre in Male, and commemorates the 25th anniv. of the Maldives independence from Great Britian on 26th July, 1965

February 5, 2011

MAFIA (Spice Islands, Tanzania)

600 Sh. This stamp show the marine life of Mafia Island, also called Chole Shamba, the southern-most of Tanzania's spice islands with an area of 394 sq. km, and a pop. of over 40,000.

PEMBA (Spice Islands, Tanzania)

700 Sh. This stamp shows traditional Msewe dancers on Pemba Island, one of the three Spice Islands of the Zanzibar group off the coast of Tanzania. Pemba is 980 sq. km. and has a pop. estimated at under 300,000.

February 4, 2011

TASMANIA (Maria Is.)

10c Maria Island, off the eastern coast of Tasmania is pictured on this stamp, showing a dramatic coastal view of plunging cliffs. The entire island is a national park, with an area of 115 km sq.

February 3, 2011


45c This stamp shows red bougainvillea flowers and a traditional woman's costume with decorative strings of these popular flowers