October 31, 2010


25s This self-adhesive stamp is shaped like a flag and commemorates the 40th anniv. of Samoa's independence (back in 1962). It shows a cricket player and various local scenes.


$5 The Fairy Pitta (Pitta nympha) is pictured here in flight. It is a small passerine native to forests of E. Asia and Taiwan, with a vulnerable population that is in decline due to deforestation and habitat conversion.

October 23, 2010


50c: This colorful 1992 issue commemorates the Sixth Festival of Pacific Arts, which took place in Rarotonga in the Cook Is.


50c: Henderson or Stephen's Lorikeet (Vini stepheni) is a highly endangered parrot known only from a very few islands in the Pitcairn chain

AITUTAKI (Cook Isl.)

40c The Banded Rail (Gallirallus philippensis) is a widespread species in the Pacific region, with many subspecies specific to certain islands

October 18, 2010


140fr: this 2007 flora issue shows the Bird of Paradise, a species of heliconia widespread in the tropics

Isle of Man

31p Ships and an early colonist are pictured on this stamp, for the 400th Anniv. of the settlement of Jamestown, Virginia, issued 2007

October 8, 2010

COOK Is. / Penrhyn

30c: An early painting of the Apapane, a bird endemic to high elevation forests of the Hawaiian islands, is shown on this 1978 issue, which commemorates the 200th anniv. of the discovery of Hawaii


50fr: Anniv. of UN Admission of the Comoros, issued shortly after independence

October 3, 2010


$60 Mountain Pride (Spathelia sorbifolia), issued for Christmas 2007


$30 Poinsettia, issued for Christmas, 2005


$60 Ferns, issued for Christmas, 2008. This one is most likely the widespread bracken fern, a common denizen of moist hills

October 2, 2010


$10 The White-eyed Jamaican Thrush, an endemic species to the island is pictured on this Birdlife Intl. issue; a Liguanea town cancel is legible